More than tactics, it’s a strategy.

The strategic vision I bring to your web or print design project results from years of testing and refining a disciplined approach. It is both comprehensive and process-driven. More importantly, it is proven to meet client’s marketing objectives.

I begin by evaluating the project and picking my team. My team is made up of principals of their own independent companies with years of experience behind them. Collectively, we develop a razor-sharp strategy for the print or web design process based on the specific marketing initiative. Then I carefully work through the budget. My experience enables me to find creative yet effective ways to stretch a client’s investment in meeting their goals. Here’s a more detailed look at just how Resolutions’ process works:


Typically I conduct an in-depth meeting with key stakeholders to explore the factors that will shape strategy, including:

  • Company objectives
  • Client needs
  • Branding and marketing initiatives
  • Viewer’s expectations

Using a proven and tested process, I ask questions to help our team define the objectives and resolve our findings into a Criteria List. This list outlines the key factors the work must address and serves as the road map as we enter the Design Phase.


The Design Phase goes much deeper than just the concepts, layout, graphics and messaging. We start by addressing the Criteria List. Other questions we ask throughout this design phase are:

  • How is the information going to be presented?
  • How can we help each key audience find the information they need through visual cues and page structure for web projects or through headlines and inspiring graphics for print collateral?
  • How should we structure the home page or print collateral to integrate key audience needs with company objectives?
  • How can we best leverage existing marketing collateral and existing web functionality to further build and enhance brand recognition and equity?


After design and content approval, we begin production. For print design collateral assessing the end product determines what software program is best suited for the job.

With the wonders of the Internet, whether the project is print or Web design, the approval process is most productive transferring information over the Internet. Resolutions does not overlook the perception of paper choices when it comes to a printed piece. Just ask, and I will not only send you paper options, but will print a digital sample.

Resolutions prides itself as an efficient, cost conscientious, high integrity firm. If project goals exceed production capabilities, we will work through your objectives with you to still create an effective end product.


After final approval has been given by the client, Resolutions runs through her Quality Assurance check list. For websites, we move the site to the live Server and run a number of tests for functionality including:

  • Checking Site Performance
  • Validating Links
  • Cross-Platform Site Functionality

For print, no piece is sent to a printer unless a dummy is created, spell check has been run and the color throughout the site, especially photography has been verified in Photoshop or by running high quality digital proofs.

How would a carefully thought-out strategy help your marketing efforts?