More than engages, it sells.


Resolutions’ work engages target audiences, sells them on the benefits of a company by persuading, informing and educating.

To achieve this, Resolutions uses a proven process to develop high-quality, well-designed informative print collateral. Throughout the process, Sue works as both Project Manager and Visual Designer paying close attention to detail throughout the process. It makes a big difference in the final result.

Sue has a team of professionals, such as photographers, writers, and illustrators — bringing together individual strengths and skills — when the need exists. You will always get senior-level people working on your projects all while working with Resolutions as your marketing single source.

Resolutions manages print collateral from concept to finish product soliciting quotes from local printers first and only going out of area upon the client’s request or considerable cost variations. I award a print job to a printer based on three key areas: cost, quality of work, and efficiency of equipment.